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Event Program for A CHENT‘ANNOS

A specialized fair of services and products for seniors, promoting Active and Healthy Ageing.


The regional organization CONI CR Sardegna, together with The Provincial Government of Cagliari, The Comunità Mondiale della Longevità (World Longevity Community) and  University of Cagliari’s Institute for Motor Sciences, has taken on the study and creation of a medical-sport plan to be administered and recommended by medical professionals for people of 65 years or older to combat inactivity in seniors, a problem which often leads to disabling pathologies. The scientific research has shown how a lifestyle deemed as correct is highly associated with continued physical activity, an attribute that cannot be substituted or corrected by pharmaceutical medication, and that in and of itself is one of the best preventative measures for numerous health problems often encountered by seniors.

The experts at the CONI Regional School of Sports in Sardinia offer interactive demonstrations and seminars on the benefits of an active lifestyle for seniors.


La Comunità Mondiale della Longevità (World Longevity Community)and l'Associazione Medicina Sociale (Association of Social Medicine) have prepared and organized a series of seminars and events on specific aspects of Active and Healthy Ageing:

- Saturday April 25th, from 10am – 12pm, “The Tai Chi and the Gymnastics of Longevity”, with masters Manca and Montesu, followed by the Chinese Dragon Parade.

- Monday April 27th, at 3pm, presentation of The School of Longevity, Active and Healthy Ageing,  and project GHEROS, the televised presentation that was created through the ingenuity of the La Comunità Mondiale della Longevità completely by and for seniors, with a 65-and-older editorial staff; at 5pm “Aging and Longevity, between genetics and lifestyle” by Dr. Roberto Pili; at 6pm “Mild cognitive impairment” by Donatella Petretto;

- Tuesday April 28th: at 3pm, “Practical Advice for Ageing well: meeting with a Geriatrician”, by Dr. Paolo Putzu; at 4pm, “How a Family Manages Dementia”, by Dr. Daniela Viale; at 5pm; “Helping Seniors on their Walks”, by Silvia Talana; “Sexuality and Seniors” by Dr. Nurcis;

 - Wednesday April 29th, at 10 am, “Happy with Aloe”, by Dr. Costantino Mazzanobile; at 6 pm “Physical Activity Fit for Seniors”, by Dr. Mauro Piria;

- Thursday April 30th, at 3pm, “Non-Communicable Diseases in the Elderly”, by Prof. Andrea Loviselli; at 4pm “Sustainable Tourism Aimed at Seniors in Sardinia”, a definition and sizing up of the phenomenon in Italy and in Europe; types and subjects of the tourism offered; the measures and policies to be implemented in Sardinia with the aim of increasing senior-friendly tourism, by Dr. Giovanni Farigu; at 5pm.

The Centro di ricerca sull'alimentazione dei centenari (Center for Food & Nutrition Research for Centenarians), in collaboration with IFAL Ente di formazione di Assemini CA (IFAL Assemini Private Institute, Provence of Cagliari), will be presenting a series of demonstrations with their own exposition area dedicated to cuisine for seniors. There will be product demonstrations, cooking (and tasting) expositions which follow an informative course which presents an in-depth study of the eating habits of centenarians and a scientific study on longevity which is applied to their diet.

Amplifon "Seniors and Hearing, hear better to live better." – Technicians from Amplifon, a global leader in the distribution of hearing solutions, present in over 22 countries with 3,300 outlets, will conduct free measurement tests of hearing and listening levels. They will also be offering some meetings to talk about the consequences of being hard of hearing on the elderly and “presbycusis” (age-related hearing loss), offering information ranging from diagnosis to rehabilitation.

Assicurazioni Generali  –This insurance provider will be present with their insurance offers with regards to insurance plans for pensioners to help them maintain their standard of living after retirement, and protection from the risk of the loss of their autonomy, as well as others.

Contact Srl  –  This European leader in accessibility and mobility technology will present a series of meetings with Dr. Fabio Marcello (Head of Communications for Contact Srl):

- Sunday April 26th, at 6pm, “Science meets satire and breaks down barriers” presented by: Francesca Cardia, journalist and editor of the publication “Sardegna Medicina”, Tullio Boi, engineer, writer and satirical cartoonist;

Neurodevelopmental Psychology

- Wednesday April 29th, at 5pm, “From neurobiology to wellness, a neuropsychopedagogy’ of aging” –With the participation of: Maria Pietronilla Penna, Tenured Professor from the University of Cagliari; Maria Chiara Fastame, Researcher from the University of Cagliari; Valentina Napoleone, Education Specialist; Carmelo Masala, Neuro-psychopathologist and Visiting Professor at the University of Cagliari, President of the Association for Neuro-Psychopedagogy, ONLUS;

- Thursday April 30th, at 6pm, “Are Accessible Urban Areas a Realistic Dream?” –With the participation of: Corrado Zoppi, Engineer, Teacher of Technical and Urban Planning at the University of Cagliari; Tullio Boi, Engineer, Writer and Satirical Cartoonist;

- Saturday May 2nd, at 5pm, “Mental Disabilities and their Social Barriers” –With the participation of: Ireneo Picciau: Chief Psychologist; Augusto Contu: Psychiatrist, Director of the Department of Mental Health “ASL 8” of Cagliari; Miriam Picciau: Chief Psychologist of Rehabilitation Services, DSM.


Seminars on Innovation in Healthcare (directed by Esq. Maria Luisa Manis) –The integration of ICT(Information and Communications Technology) technology in providing healthcare and wellness services is a major opportunity in terms of the social and economic benefits produced. The European Commission has indicated Telemedicine (e-health) as one of the six most promising future markets. Telemedicine is a response to the progressive aging of the population as it allows doctors to administer care to elderly patients at a distance, avoiding hospitalization as much as possible. These innovations also facilitate healthcare for patients living in disadvantaged areas by providing access to quality health services without having to move from home, avoiding the phenomenon of Medical Tourism. Home automation and the many applications of the “Internet of Things” are moving in the same direction. This theme is therefor considered indispensable in any discussion on aging and there will be seminars devoted to the issues of telemedicine, apps promoting well-being, medical devices, home automation and the use of health and genetic data for the purposes of scientific research. With industry experts, researchers and companies in the ICT sector will highlight current challenges and opportunities in view of the promotion bettering collective health services and making full use of the opportunities offered by e-health.

On the topic of innovation and the realization of the “Italian Digital Growth Plan”, which includes the implementation of digital prescriptions, electronic health records, an online appointment center, and the possibility for patients to receive specialized medical reports via email, Dr. Enrico Parodo will be presenting an informative seminar on how seniors can use these services.


The organizations represented:

Map Consulting – This organization designs and implements plans for businesses, helping them to improve the performance and organizational well-being which enhance the capabilities and skills of the people involved. They recently launched the "Edward Jenner" Senor Care Center, promoting the continuous research of senior well-being by providing access to qualified professionals able to offer the highest quality of performance in healthcare.

Melfi industria spa – This company proposes curative phototherapy treatment, through the use of an innovative lamp produced by the Swiss company Bioptron. They will hold a seminar on the benefits of phototherapy entitled "un raggio di luce che accende il benessere" (A Ray of Light that Illuminates Well-being), explaining the treatment’s application in sports as well as in the care of blemishes.

SITOR officina ortopedica dal 1984 (orthopedic workshop since 1984)– This company specializes in the production, pre and post-sale support for orthopedic devices and computer systems to improve mobility and wellbeing. Their products are tailored to individual patients for use in sports and rehabilitation.

This organizationspecializes in home and residential care for the elderly and is directed by Don Eugenio Pisano in Guamaggiore.

MSP Italia – This Multi-Sport Organization, will be present with its affiliates (gyms and dance schools) to promote a course of physical activities designed specifically for the over 65, represented by Dr. Barbara Ottonello.

Toro Ascensori (Toro Elevators)–This Sardinian company specializes in the production and installation of elevators and lifts, offering tailored solutions for seniors. In their exposition you will be able to try their stair lift, platform wheelchair lift, and electric scooter.

UISP – This Multi-Sport and Well-being Organization will present their programs promoting the social value of sport and services facilitating social activities for the elderly and their families.

Istantanea (media partner for the Salone A Chent’annos) – This News Agency will capture and present the event’s seminars and workshops using video, photography and live streaming. They will also present an instant photo book of A Chent’annos presenting all of the key moments of the event.

In addition, on Friday, May 1st at 4pm they will present the seminar "The Impact of Pollution on Life", demonstrating the environmental situation with regards to pollution and its effect on degenerative, chronic and disabling diseases as well as how healthy and active aging can help in the prevention of those effect, presented by the Journalist Daniela Concas.

ELIAS'S – This is a project for helicopter rescue in Sardinia. The Foundation SOS Sardinia proposes a publicly supported project of services to promote the development of air service rescue for civilian health.

CSI Sardegna – This Multi-Sport Organization will offer a workshop and demonstration of gymnastics and yoga for seniors entitled "Playing Has No Age" and a seminar called "Active Volunteer, an Opportunity for the Over 65". It also proposes a series of informative workshops entitled "Survival Computer Skills" providing an introduction to Information Technology, presenting: Internet and computer fraud, using email, as well as using the Internet with public administrations. The dance teachers of the sports associations affiliated with CSI Sardegna will lead us in the end of the evening with participative group dances.

Istituto Professionale per i Servizi Sociali “Sandro Pertini” di Cagliari – This public organization will present the benefit and importance of studies in public health and human services.

Ingegneria al servizio del risparmio energetico (Engineering and Saving Energy)–The Badas Engineering Firm, will be available for a free consultation on how to save on energy in the home. Ranging from practical tips to reduce energy consumption to understanding the costs listed in the bill.

Università della Terza Età di Quartu Sant'Elena (Universty for the Elderly at Quartu Sant'Elena) – This socio-cultural Association for seniors considers studying an essential instrument to active and healthy aging.


The complete schedule of events and all updates will be made available on the website www.achentannos.it and on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/www.achentannos.it 






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